How to Draw Hands and Feet

How to Draw Hands

Hands are ultimately easier to draw if you have a picture of a hand or are looking at your other hand while drawing. I still find them a challenge. Try drawing freehand, by looking at your opposite hand in various positions. Some examples could be: making a fist, holding something, waving, pointing, pulling thread, holding a pencil, or anything else you can think of.

Here's how:

The way I draw hands is to start at one side of the wrist, working my way through to the thumb and then the rest of the fingers, and back to the other side of the wrist.
You could also try drawing different sizes of hands, and different lengths and widths of fingers and thumbs.

How to Draw Feet

Feet also consist of balls and conjoining lines (or, a line).

Here's how:

Start off with a circle where you'd like the heel of the foot to be. Then, depending on whether you are drawing bare feet or high heels (or sandals, or running get the idea!) draw another smaller circle where just before the toes. You can either draw little circles to represent toes, or, if you've got shoes in mind, you can skip this part and stick with the circle.

Draw a line between the first and the second ball - and now sketch the outline of the foot! Create the shoe over top.
How to draw a high-heeled foot.

Practice drawing feet in various attire (socks, shoes, high heels, boots, and more):

Dressing up feet - in shoes, high heels - and socks too, of course!

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