How to Draw the Face, Eyes, Nose and Lips

 How to Draw a Face:

The face can be simplified, and is not as complicated as it may seem. Once you break down the process into these easy steps, you'll find drawing faces to be a lot more fun!

Here's how:

    1.    Start by sketching two ovals or circles, stacked. You can experiment with these to get the right face shape. Draw guidelines for the features, and then sketch an outline for the face.
    2.    Make marks for the eyesbrows, eyes, nose and mouth.
    3.    Start adding details.
    5.    Now finish the features, add eyelashes, the irises and pupils of the eyes, detail the eyebrows, nose and mouth. Add hair. You've drawn a face!
Notice how the face can be divided into parts. By doing this, it will be easier to place features correctly.

How to Draw Eyes:

Eyes say a lot about a person.  You can read how someone may be feeling through their eyes.  Models are encouraged to portray emotion through their eyes to create a more solid photograph.
Eyes can be tricky to draw...especially trying to match the second eye with the other one!  Using a mirror may help, but consistent practice is key.

Here's how:

    1.    Start by drawing the shape of the eye: usually this will be an almond shape.  But try other shapes as well to show your own individual style.
    2.    Sketch a circle within this shape - and add another smaller circle (the pupil) inside this circle.
    3.    Now create "texture" within the iris.  You can do this by drawing little lines, dots or shading.
    4.    Don't forget about the eyelashes!
    5.    You can draw folds under the eye to create a realistic look.
    6.    Add the eyebrows above, using a stroke of the pencil - try creating arched eyebrows, flat
eyebrows, thick eyebrows and thin eyebrows.

Here are some examples of some different eyes that you can create:

How to Draw a Nose:

Noses take much practice.  However, there are so many unique ways to draw noses (as there are so many unique noses in the world), that the possibilities are endless!

Here's how:

    1.    Create the nostrils first.  This will give you a base to work with.  You can either draw these as two small dark circles or a wavy line (curves for the nostrils).
    2.    Draw the outline around the nostrils - the cartilage part of the nose.  Will the nose be more pointed, or curved?  Will it be upturned or hooked?  Will it be wide or thin?
    3.    Now sketch the length of the nose.  You can draw one line on one side, and shade the other side, or create two lines on either side.  Whatever you feel looks best.
Step by step instructions to drawing a nose.
The nose from the side and the front angles. There are many variations and possibilities.

So many ways to draw a NOSE! What a boring world this would be with just one sort of nose.

How to Draw Lips:

Lips display a variety of emotions.  Smiling, pouting, frowning, open or closed - this will set the mood for your fashion.

Here's how:

    1.    Start by sketching two wavy lines for the center of the lips.
    2.    Decide if you'd like your model to have a smile, a frown, open or closed lips.  For a smile, curve the lines on either side of the waves upwards.  For a frown, curve the lines down.  For an open-mouthed look, create more of a half-circle with the wavy lines, so that it looks similar to the top half of circle.
    3.    Now sketch the upper lip to create a full top lip.  Then finish the bottom lip as well for a complete look!


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