How to Draw Clothing

Drawing Folds

To master the technique of drawing folds, one must study the way clothing bends and bunches in the curves of the figure - such as the crease of the arm, the knee, the ankle - and observe how clothing falls on a form. The way a fabric folds will depend on a number of factors: the lightness of the material, the texture, the looseness/tightness, the way it is draped; and, of course - gravity.
A great way to start is to see how other artists draw folds. Sometimes it helps to gather resources - go to the library and take out a book on drawing fashion, for example. I discovered a gem of a book about ten years ago - but I haven't seen it since - nor can I find it online or anywhere by searching (it was a library book that I inevitably had to return to the source). It covered ALL shapes, sizes and types of clothing AND their folds. I think it was perhaps the best fashion drawing book I have ever had the privilege of looking at.
Note all the different areas that fold on a shirt:

Take a look at how a pair of jeans will create folds around the legs, and a shirt around the torso:

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