How to Draw the Body / Fashion Figure Drawing

How to Draw a Fashion Model Figure

Drawing the human figure requires patience and persistence.  You will need a pencil and an eraser, and a flat, well-lit drawing surface.  Use paper that you are comfortable with.  You don't necessarily need expensive art paper - I use printer paper!  I find that it works best for me, but you may feel differently.
Before drawing the final outline of the body, I draw the individual shapes that make up the body. It just helps to know where the lines will start and where they will stop, and where I need to add muscle form. These shapes are in the form of circles, ovals, stretched ovals and rounded-edge triangles.  Here's how:
    1.    Start by drawing an oval for the head.  If you are having trouble with this shape, it might help to draw it over and over again, until you have a feel for the shape. TIP: A human figure is generally 7 - 7.5 heads tall, so you could actually draw 7 ovals in a vertical line, and use this as a helpful guideline!
Look what simple shapes can create!
    2.    Draw a circle for the neck right below the oval for the head.
    3.    Create an upside-down triangle for the shoulders.  You can try changing the angle for a different pose.
    4.    Place a circle under the triangle.
    5.    Now sketch another upside-down triangle for the hips.  Two circles can follow under each bottom corner of the triangle for the legs.
    6.    Connect these circles with elongated ovals for the thighs, circles for the knees, and two more elongated ovals for the lower legs.
    7.    Once you are ready to draw the feet, decide at what angle you would like them to face and sketch them using triangles, blocks or ovals.
    8.    Now you can take either your pencil (Or your pen - it's up to you if you feel comfortable enough to use pen.  You can always start off with using the pencil and then finalize with pen.) and create an outline around all the shapes!  

The Right Tools for Drawing Fashion

While it depends on your personal preference, some tools will just work better for you than others. That's why it's a good idea to try different media, alternate and switch up every now and then. Art is, afterall, everchanging, and your needs will too. For quick and simple sketches, a single pencil may do the trick. For more ethereal, softer illustrations, you may want to lean towards watercolors. For bold and striking art, colored markers will do the job! But it's all up to you...


  1. hi i m your follower i love fashion and beauty or you can in fashion i love playing with colours , my dreams are related to fashion sketching and making lovely dresses and hopefully one day i know will achieve that, they say always dream big as there is no limit for my dreams too i love your blog and tips and tutorials and i hope to learn from you.
    much love

    1. Thank you shaz! I'm happy that you are here! Thank you for the lovely comment, and I hope you are able to accomplish all your dreams! Best wishes. :)

  2. omgosh wow, you have helped me so much.
    You see, i have been drawing my sketches without drawing the torso's. Now i know because of you.
    This is amazing thank you {:
    My dream is to become a famous fashion designer and you have helped me with everything!!
    -Hayley Whelan (Future designer ;) )

  3. Hi Hayley! I'm so happy you commented here, and I'm very happy that I could be of help! You are very welcome, and I wish you the best in all your dreams to achieve! You're so wonderful for taking the time to write here, so thank you so much for that. You're absolutely great!! :)

  4. I have my own blog for fashion, but I can't draw the body to save my life! I am learning to draw my designs better, and I always felt that old fashioned was best. I'm not to sure about the digital stuff now, but am hoping to learn more. So, your templates have been great for the Croquis, because I can't draw that. I trace the outline so that I can better draw my designs onto the body. And your tutorials and guidelines are helping me to draw my fashions better. I only post ideas I have put together on my blog, when I get better, and can draw better, I will post those drawings on there too. It's

    Thank you for this site, you are helping me a ton!

    1. Hi Crystal! Thank you so much! I'm very glad the templates have been able to help you. Even if you feel you're just starting out and aren't too sure about some of your drawings yet, don't be afraid to post them! The more you do, the better they'll become! I often feel the same way with some of my creations, and feel that they just didn't work out - yet someone else may feel completely