Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashion Model Coloring Process

Coloring is one of my favorite processes when it comes to fashion design. Adding color is like giving a flat character all sorts of dimensions and personality. It's a really fun process, too, if you don't strive too hard to be a perfectionist. One of my hints? Don't stress over every splash of color that lands outside of the line. In all honesty, I purposely leave some of my brush strokes outside the lines because I like the finished product to lack formality - and it gives the illustration a characteristic edge. Nothing has to be perfect, just as long as you know you're getting your idea across!

Step 1: To start with, here is the blank fashion sketch, ready to be colored. Feel free to use this picture for your own coloring. Just click on the picture so it opens up in a new window, right-click and save onto your desktop.
Step 2: I like to start by coloring the areas where the skin shows. I add highlights and shadows, and finally the make-up.

Step 3: Now for the hair. I choose a color that I think will suit the model. But you can use any color your imagination allows!

Step 4: Paint the clothing in steps. For each piece, I use a new layer (Photoshop).

Step 5: See how she's beginning to look more and more complete? Keep adding colors and finishing each piece that she's wearing.

Step 6: Footwear is usually my last step. Remember that if the boot or the shoe that you are painting is supposed to be shiny, add in the highlights to create this faux shine.

And that's it! You've completed the coloring process. If you'd still like to add more finishing touches, go for it!

Just out of curiosity: What does this illustration look like without the drawn lines? Let's see!

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