Monday, April 30, 2012

Designing Purses

Why not try creating a whole line or collection of purses? By having a set of various purses that you have drawn, you can go back and use your ideas to add to your fashion designs. Change the color or the pattern or the type of fabric and everything changes!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Color A Fashion

Much time has passed since a recent post - so sorry!

I just had to post another fashion coloring page as I noticed we are lacking somewhat in this topic.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the template you wish to use so that it opens up in a picture window (if you only right click on the image without opening it in this window, you will get a low resolution version). Once you've got the template opened in the window, simply right click on the image and save onto your Desktop.

Want to see a finished version of this illustration? See it here!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inspired Fashion

I love things that make me feel like I'm on the sand in the wind, hanging out on a beachside porch or strolling down a boardwalk in something simple and breezy.

This inspired me (photograph from Petit Bateau Spring Fashion 2012 on

Photograph from
And from the inspiration (I used this template/fashion croquis):

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's the Cutest T-shirt you can Draw?

Who doesn't love an adorable T-shirt? Especially one with your favorite animal or color! Making designs for T-shirts is a creative way to express yourself. Imagine wearing your own creation - and you can, too! There are a number of sites online where you can do this. There are lots of other items that you can display your artwork on: mugs, shoes, bags, you name it, really.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Want more Fashions?

Don't forget to stay updated on our sister site, Here you can view a variety of fashion illustrations, with new ones posted regularly.

Faces of Fashion

Practice painting or coloring in makeup, skin tones and shades of hair color on these blank face templates.

FREE Fashion Template Tuesday

Double the fashion croquis today!

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the template you wish to use so that it opens up in a picture window (if you only right click on the image without opening it in this window, you will get a low resolution version). Once you've got the template opened in the window, simply right click on the image and save onto your Desktop.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Shoe Fashion

What's your dream shoe right now? Red fabric pumps? Dark, shiny high boots? Or pretty flats with flowers?

Here's my dream shoe at the moment. Do you ever just dream up a shirt, a shoe or a dress in your head, and wish that you could see it in stores? This would be my dream shoe right now. Like a modern version of the Cinderella shoe!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

YOUR Fashion Sketches

Here's some more lovely drawings sent in by sugarcane! What an adorable skirt and a fashionable print top! If you'd like to have your fashion sketch posted on this site too, please send them to, along with your first name or a nickname (last names will not be posted).

One Model, Nine Styles

Deciding which hairstyle is going to be best for your model? Try a bunch of updo's, textures and colors and you'll find one that works. Try it yourself with the uncolored version below. Also, if you want to start from scratch, download the face templates on the Fashion Worksheets page. Send yours in so that it can be posted on this site!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

All Sorts of Shirts

A great way to showcase your work is to create a collection. Fashion designers do this to present their work in a compilation of pieces that are connected through a theme. These are fashions that are ready made for a season, containing certain specific elements of chosen colors, fabrics and cuts.

Here is a collection of shirts that say, when creating for summer, a designer might come up with (However, a real design collection is usually much more complex - and features a wide range of full outfits as you've likely seen in runway shows). I've chosen pinks and greens as the main colors (actually - the only colors) in this set.

Feel free to print off the blank version and use your own colors, prints, patterns and imagination to finish this set.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashion Model Coloring Process

Coloring is one of my favorite processes when it comes to fashion design. Adding color is like giving a flat character all sorts of dimensions and personality. It's a really fun process, too, if you don't strive too hard to be a perfectionist. One of my hints? Don't stress over every splash of color that lands outside of the line. In all honesty, I purposely leave some of my brush strokes outside the lines because I like the finished product to lack formality - and it gives the illustration a characteristic edge. Nothing has to be perfect, just as long as you know you're getting your idea across!

Step 1: To start with, here is the blank fashion sketch, ready to be colored. Feel free to use this picture for your own coloring. Just click on the picture so it opens up in a new window, right-click and save onto your desktop.
Step 2: I like to start by coloring the areas where the skin shows. I add highlights and shadows, and finally the make-up.

Step 3: Now for the hair. I choose a color that I think will suit the model. But you can use any color your imagination allows!

Step 4: Paint the clothing in steps. For each piece, I use a new layer (Photoshop).

Step 5: See how she's beginning to look more and more complete? Keep adding colors and finishing each piece that she's wearing.

Step 6: Footwear is usually my last step. Remember that if the boot or the shoe that you are painting is supposed to be shiny, add in the highlights to create this faux shine.

And that's it! You've completed the coloring process. If you'd still like to add more finishing touches, go for it!

Just out of curiosity: What does this illustration look like without the drawn lines? Let's see!

Warm & Cool

I love mixing and matching. Something to try when you are designing is to dream up fashions that contain some of this and some of that. For instance, this model wears something warm (arm warmers) contrasted with something cool and summery (the top and the capris). Taking two ideas, time periods, places, identities, etc. and blending them together is a lot of fun - you can try it too. For example, wild west (time period) and rockstar (identity). Or how about tropical (place) and silly (idea)?

Just want the fashion template? Visit the Templates page.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jump into Pink!

You can view most of the fashions I create all on my alter-ego site. However, this time I wanted to post one here, as this site could use some more fashion illustrations!

See and download the template for this model in the post just below this one.

FREE Fashion Template Tuesday

And another runway pose for this Tuesday's free fashion template!

Please feel free to email me at if you have any requests for template poses that you are in need of. Thanks!

Monday, April 2, 2012

How to Paint or Digitally Color a Face - Step by Step

This can be done on paper, in Photoshop or another program where you can paint.

Step 1: If you are working in Photoshop, create a new layer above the background layer and use this layer to sketch the face. Look at other pictures of faces if it helps, and focus on placement of features.

Click to open this image in the display window, save and print off or color in your own painting program! Try different hair colors, makeup and skin tones for unique results.

Step 2: If you are working in Photoshop, create a new layer underneath the sketch of the face (Naming layers helps to organize if you're going to create a lot of layers). Set the sketched face layer to multiply, and leave the new layer at Normal. Now paint in the skin layer.

Step 3: In a new layer, as it's a good idea to create a new layer for each color you add (this helps save time in case you want to change a color to something later on), start adding the shadows and highlights to the face.

Step 4: Another new layer. Add color to the eyes and lips.

Step 5: Now add more details to the lips, the make up, the eyes, etc. Add shading and light reflections to the eyes to make the model more dimensional and life-like.

Step 6: Make a layer for the hair, and paint it any color you wish! See the difference a color can make!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Variations of the Eye

The ability to draw the eye from different angles is wonderful when you are dealing with sketching people in various poses. The face is not always head-on, but can be viewed from the side, partially turned, from below or above.