Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some Old Fashion Sketches

Sometimes it's fun to look through past illustrations you've done - not only can it help you to see how much you have improved, but also to see what you still need to improve! But all in all, it's just so interesting to reminisce drawings you've created in the past.

Always remember to save all of your old sketches and doodles - fancy or not - as you may need them again one day! Who knows, maybe you'll compile a book one day about fashion illustration, maybe you'd like to have an ongoing portfolio, maybe you want to share with other fashion artists.

It's just a good idea to keep everything you've drawn, and if you don't have the space, scan your illustrations onto a computer and back them up. If you've only got illustrations on the computer (which is the case for me!) always, always back it up on another hard drive. It's awful to lose anything. Your drawings are an extension of your creative self!

Here are some old sketches I thought I'd share again with you! (You may remember them from before the website was altered)


  1. I like these, not only for fashion purpose but for T-shirt or Tank tops :)

  2. Thanks Jessica! It's a great idea to put art on a shirt! I could see myself doing this also with bags, shoes, hoodies..oh my!